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Hi deviant friends,

I got my third DD on january 1st and it was an excellent surprise and a really great gift to start 2009. Thank you so much for your comments, favourites and for your support ! Special thanks to you Damien for your involvement in DA's community. I hope to have extra time to shoot and share some new photographs with you this year. See you soon !

Best wishes.

DDs links:

#1  Game Over
#2  13
#3  Celestial Snooker

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Hi deviant friends and artists,

It's time to look at the past year and I'm afraid that the conclusion is almost the same: NOT ENOUGH TIME ! I can't follow DA rythm, too much new talented artists, fantastic photographs, and still only 24h/day :-(  I apologize for the many comments/photographs/artwork I missed, please don't be upset it was not intentional, just a lack of time.

Happy new year 2009 !

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Guitar has always been a source of inspiration, I still have a music in my head and I think that I could share some incredible guitar parts with you. Check this out:

Andy Mckee


Mattias IA Eklundh

Tommy Emmanuel
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Happy new year 2008 for all of you ! 2007 was not my best year for photography, my full time job does not leave me any time... I'll try to give you some new things to see before january 09 ;) Special thanks for  your nice messages, favourites photographs and your loyalty !

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I'm still too busy to spend more time on DA and to comment the work of so many talented deviants, but please do not think that I forgot you. Thanks for your support, your favs/watches, and I hope that this new year will be great for you with plenty of fantastic photographs on DA. Cheers.
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Hi my friends ! [STOP] Not enough time for photography :work: [STOP] I have 1342 photographs to watch :omg: :gallery: (I hope that the last DA update did not erase them, I can't see the counter anymore) [STOP] I'll try to be more active soon  :confused: [STOP] MANY THANKS for all your comments, favs, mails, watches and for your support :happycry: [STOP]

Sysiphus ?

Sat Mar 4, 2006, 5:00 AM
Good morning deviant friends !

I worked hard to answer to most of your kind comments, questions and to thank all of you for your :+fav: and :+devwatch: after my DD twins (both suggested by my :floating: JuliaDunin), but there is no doubt that I failed :dead: I heard about a guy by the name of Sysiphus, but his story was quite metaphoric for me (hint: it's not about the Rolling Stones). After my heroic (lost) fight against my message center these last days the concept became very  concrete. Thanks a lot once again and please forgive me if I forgot someone or something, this huge stone was really impossible to roll up to the top...

Thanx to :iconlanceusa:, :iconwb-skinner:, :iconpaikan07:, :iconmagical-night:, :icongilad: and many others for their support :)

Now it's my turn to promote some great photographs, check this out :

The Hell o Kitty Interrupt Screw Logic philipz <img src="…" alt="escapionist" / > Anthonym

Insousciance theneverborn ohyouhandsomeDevil wb_skinner MrMotts

PS. Any comment to improve my skills in english is welcome ;)
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I turned back home yesterday evening after a day full of exciting physical training :strong: (as a removal man for a friend of mine...) and I checked my DA account  after my shower. DA is a kind of drug, finally I must go back to alcohol and cigarettes :nerd:

I found a huge amount of messages and comments  and a new DD for me with the same sentence "suggested by JuliaDunin and featured by hesitation"  :eyepopping:
I felt like Phil Connors in Groundhog day (I was listening to this crazy hilarious song Bobby Brown by Frank Zappa instead of Sonny & Cher's I Got You Babe) and it was a strange time loop but obviously exciting.

I hope I deserve this DD, and I have to thank all of you once again. Now I have to visit a big stack of incredible galleries and answer to your questions. See you soon :)

Thanx to Toope  :iconrs-foto: and S-t-r-a-n-g-e :icons-t-r-a-n-g-e: for their support :)

Extra huge thank to my cute guardian angel :iconjuliadunin:
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Hi deviant friends,  

I came in DA one month ago and I spent a lot of time to digest the numerous rules, buttons, links (I must admit that I've never tried to click on the "Help" button until today to get the html code for links but now I'm ready :hungry:). I've got a DD last week with the help of my first supporter :iconjuliadunin: and I took one hour to understand what a DD was and what was the reason of this amount of comments :ashamed: I tried to answer to all your questions but I'm sure that I forgot many of you, please forgive me.

I would like to thank all of you for your comments, messages, :+fav:, :+devwatch: and nice words. Special thanks to :iconjuliadunin:, :iconamour-etranger:, :icontheunknownartists: (I still don't know who they are...), :iconthe-egg: and :icongilad: to have featured my work.

See you soon :)
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Hi deviant friends,    

I am overflowed by the comments and the messages I received these days on DA, and I am sincerely frustrated not to be able to thank you for your nice messages and comments. Please forgive me, I'll try to do my best to visit your galleries and to answer to all your requests.

Have a nice day:)